Leaves Textured Wallpaper

How Wallpaper Can Transform Your Home

From bold florals to vintage-style graphics to opulent textures, wallpaper is one of the most prevalent trend for the coming season.

Texture is also made possible with wallpaper having many of the new wallpapers mimicking slate, wood panelling and brick. Walls become instantly tactile with prints of soft knits, unvarnished wood and aged plaster, while distinctive contours on tactile backgrounds are also in fashion.

Why choose wallpaper?

  • Historic Aspect: Recreate a Victorian style house with traditional wallpaper.
  • Digital: Computer generated designs custom printed onto wallpaper for a modern look.
  • Photographic: Consider creating custom wallpaper using family photos.
  • Bridging Material: Using special blank wallpaper, one can eliminate the costly and messy removal and repair of an unattractive textured or damaged wall surface.
  • Natural Surface: Discover the luxury of natural fibers on the wall such as jute, grasscloth, or bamboo among others.
  • Fabric Walls: Cover your walls with your favorite fabric.
  • Wood Surfaces: The application of wood veneer wallcovering in a variety of species adds formality at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wood paneling.
  • Whiteboard wallcovering: Allows the use of special dry erase markers for presentations or notes. Great for the Home office or Activity room.
  • Leather Surfaces: Experience the unparalleled sophistication that only be obtained with a leather wallcovering.
  • Metallic Surfaces: Imagine the impact of real copper or mica flakes as a wallcovering.
  • Cork Surfaces: Useful as either a bulletin board, a natural sound deadening material, a natural wallcovering, a textured wallcovering, or a combination of its many functions.
  • Glow in the dark walls: Create a funky black light environment with fluorescent wallpaper.
  • Acoustic Wallcoverings: Perfect for homes with expensive surround sound systems or home theaters. These wallcoverings are specifically engineered to absorb sound energy.
  • Scented wallpaper: A wallpaper comprised of fibers that naturally give off a soothing fragrance such as lavender or jasmine. Deodorizing wallpaper: Wallpaper infused with charcoal particles which act as a natural deodorizer.
  • Magnetic wallcovering: This type of wallcovering would also be excellently suited for a child’s room.

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