Summer solstice

Designing Homes For The Summer & Winter Sun Cycle

A popular question we often get is why is home design so important? What’s the difference between a good home design, versus a great home design?

If you go through any display homes most people would say those homes are great designs. But the truth is when you pick up a display home and go and build it on your block it may not be as good a design for your block, and the whole reason is because of the orientation.

So if we look at the feature image what you can see is the different solar elements and the way the sun revolves around our planet and during the different seasons the way the angle changes, so in summer the suns higher in the sky, and it comes down at a much steeper angle.

In winter the suns much lower in the sky in the middle of the day and comes in at a slight angle so what that means is if you have living rooms facing north, during the winter you want less eaves over your living room windows and less coverage like maybe dropping the alfresco and just having open windows to those sides. So the winter sun can come straight In and flood into those living areas during winter keeping the house warm.

On the other side of the coin during summer when the suns higher in the sky you want eaves coming out far enough so that they cover and protect the windows from any sunlight entering in keeping the home cooler in summer.

This is one of the tricks to having a light and bright home all year round, in summer you want to protect the windows from getting direct sunlight and in winter you want to allow as much sunlight to come in.

So here’s what you should consider before buying a standard design; a good display home is often built in a way that you would have the living areas facing the north but if your block has a different orientation and is facing the other way then it just won’t be as efficient (if your orientation is the exact opposite you can maybe flip the home and that’s not too bad).

The worst case scenario is that if your home is on another angle all of a sudden the light and bright rooms that are in the display homes are no longer going to be light and bright in your home.

This is why we always suggest that you get an independent consultant to have a look at the design you’re considering and to really assess whether it’s the right home for what you want to build.