Termite Treatment

The standard termite treatment used is Biflex (Bifenthrin) chemical spray. You can find more information about it here.

Termite Treatment

Biflex facts:

  • Biflex has protected over one million properties in Australia
  • Biflex is Australia’s most trusted and proven termiticide
  • Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on nature’s natural insecticide pyrethrum extracted from the daisy flower. It’s very safe for you, your pets and the environment
  • Biflex is the longest lasting termiticide available and provides up to 10 years protection
  • Biflex is insoluble in water and binds very strongly to soil particles. So the barrier stays exactly where is needed and will not be leached away by rainfall or watering of lawns and gardens
  • Biflex is non-systemic, which means garden plants and vegetation around the building will not absorb the barrier away from the treated area
  • Double strength, high tech Emulsifiable Concentrate
  • Active Ingredient: 200g/L bifenthrin
  • The first bifenthrin EC formulation registered for indoor and outdoor applications


Termimesh Termite Control System:

For those with allergies or prefer a chemical free termite treatment option, the Termimesh termite control system is ideal. Termimesh is a premium product, technically advanced, poison free and protected by the industry’s safest guarantee. It’s a long lasting barrier which saves you money over time. It will protect your whole home, whilst being safe for your family and the environment.Please see here for details.

  • Termimesh is a marine grade stainless steel mesh designed to be the superior termite barrier. Termites cannot penetrate or damage the Termimesh System. The apertures are too small for termites to squeeze through and the steel too hard for them to chew through.
  • It is installed during construction around service pipes coming through the slab and in the cavity walls as a physical barrier, sealing off these hidden termite entry points.
  • It has been extensively tested by CSIRO and is included in the Australian Standard for termite control. Termimesh also complies with Building Code of Australia and is CodeMark approved.