Solar Power

Living in Perth presents an excellent opportunity for home owners to cut their power bills and harmful carbon emissions with a solar power system. With brilliant sunny conditions for much of the year, your solar panels will provide great results and incredible savings.

Solar PowerSolar power can be added to your specification if required.

Solargain is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted solar power companies and is dedicated to producing outstanding results for our customers. Whether you want to start small, expand, or totally eliminate your reliance on the electricity grid, Solargain’s tailor made solutions are designed for your unique needs.

In addition, their range of solar water heaters are so efficient that they attract the highest government incentives, which are designed to encourage us as Australians to utilise our abundant solar energy resource. The quality of their range of systems is second to none, which is why Solargain can offer very attractive 5, 7, or 10 year warranties. Add these two features together, super performance and long life, and the benefits equal higher savings on running costs over a longer life cycle.

To find out more about solar power and whether it is suitable for you, please see here.