Roof Cover

There are many types of roof cover available depending on your tastes and preferences.

Roof Tiling

Colorbond, Concrete tiles and Clay tiles may be selected. Please check your house plans to find the type of roof cover that is included.

Colorbond-coloursWith a durable, baked-on paint finish, Colorbond steel resists peeling and cracking to deliver long life performance with low maintenance. Non-combustible, termite resistant, weather tight and secure, it protects any home against harsh Australian conditions. Steel is 100% recyclable and is one of the world’s most reused products. It’s lightweight, making it more efficient and cost effective to transport. It’s delivered pre-cut to building sites so there’s less on-site wastage and less impact on the site and surroundings.


In many cases, the design determines your roofing material selection. With Monier Prime’s wide range of traditional and contemporary clay tiles and extensive choice of colours, you can combine different finishes and shades to create a roof that is as subtle or dramatic as your design. Once tiles are installed there is little or no maintenance. Should a section of the roof ever be damaged, there is the added advantage of only needing to replace individual tiles.


Bristile clay roof tiles can reduce noise by 30 decibels which is more than twice the noise reduction achieved by other commonly used roofing materials.  This means that roof tiles reduce the intrusion of external noises into internal living areas. Testing also shows roof tiles will reflect more heat away from the home than other commonly used roofing materials.  This effectively reduces the need for artificial cooling devices and thereby reduces energy use.