Gutters, Fascia & Downpipes

Gutters, fascia and downpipes don’t just add an attractive finish to your home. They are important components that can protect your home from serious stormwater damage.

Gutters, Fascias & Downpipes

We realise that your guttering system not only has to perform well, it also has to look beautiful and add an aesthetic finishing touch to your roof and home. Colorbond’s palette of 22 beautiful colours are designed to perfectly colour match your home. And because of its proven durability and low maintenance qualities, you can be sure your guttering system will continue to perform and look attractive for years to come.

The standard gutters included are Colorbond Ovolo slotted gutters.

The standard fascia included are Colorbond 0.70mm fascia.

The standard downpipes are Colorbond 90×45 rectangular profile downpipes.

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