External Render

Exterior colour schemes need to complement your home’s architecture and surroundings. External render can enhance the look of a traditional home and also modernise a contemporary one.

External Render

Please check your elevation plans to see if external render is included. Our standard render is grey sand finish with your choice of paint colour. See here for Solver colour brochure or here for Solver interactive colour selector.

Alternatively, you may like to upgrade to an acrylic render finish found here. A popular acrylic texture finish is the contemporary render style by Dulux AcraTex acrylic paints. DULUX AcraTex 951 Coventry Coarse is the market leading, flexible acrylic texture that delivers a traditional float finish render style in a fine-medium grain, coloured, full acrylic coating. Applied by traditional hawk and trowel plastering methods over base rendered and prepared brick or blockwork and all suitably flushed and prepared masonry substrates.

Rockcote RenderFor an earthen look, Rockcote’s natural renders are authentic renders made from clay and lime, compatible with modern and traditional construction methods. Earthen renders are a natural earthy loam colour and can be tinted with oxides onsite if required. Coloured sands, quartz, marble chips, dry straw, crushed glass and other decorative elements can be added to create stunning unique effects. For more information, please see here.

Limestone Render

Want a limestone look? Any stone look you want can be achieved with a ‘Carved in Stone’ limestone render. Carved In Stone is 100% Australian Made and environmentally friendly, reduces heating and cooling costs insulating your walls and allowing your home to breathe naturally with it’s reflective colours. To find out more, please see here.


Bespoke Render

For a totally unique look, bespoke (or made to order) renders is for you. Sky High Renders  tradesmen are artisans. Your walls are their canvasses and each piece has its own touch, its own story being a gift personal to your home. Sky High Renders were featured on The Block, to find out this latest craze please see here.