Air Conditioning

Don’t let your family heat up in summer. Cool down with a range of air conditioning systems designed for your needs.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning systems can be added to your specification if required. You may like to choose from a ducted reverse cycle system, ducted evaporative air cooling system or split system air conditioning units.

Refrigerated ducted air conditioning or reverse cycle systems offers complete climate control which is perfect for both cooling and heating Perth homes. With 30 years of experience, Ford and Doonan are Perth’s ducted air conditioning specialists. Refrigerated air conditioning is connected to ducts which distribute cool or warm air to multiple rooms or spaces. Refrigerated ducted air conditioning can range in size from 2.5kW (1.0hp) to 200kW (80hp) depending on your requirements. Click here for more info.

Alternatively, you may prefer the Coolbreeze evaporative air cooling systems that cools your home the same way nature cools a rain forest – by blowing air across water so it evaporates, reducing the temperature and refreshing the air.  Only with Coolbreeze evaporative air conditioning the water is held in Coolcel filter pads so the process also removes dust, pollen and allergens. For more information, please see here.

A split system air conditioner is a good choice for those wanting the comfort of an air con unit in a room or certain area of the house. The indoor unit is flexible and you have the option of choosing from:

  • A wall mounted unit
  • A floor console
  • A below the ceiling unit
  • A ceiling cassette

Which split system air conditioner you choose may depend on the capacity of the unit you require: wall mounted units range from 2.5kW (1.0HP) through to 10kW (4.0HP) whilst below ceiling or ceiling cassettes go up to 14kW (6.0HP). Please see here for more details.