Welcome to Wishlist Selections page where you will find pretty much everything you need to know regarding your new home’s product selections.

We believe building a new home should be exciting and stress-free so we have done the homework for you. You can now easily browse the different suppliers and products online. Once you have made your preliminary selections you can even plan your day out in Osborne Park (Western Australia) to physically see many of these selections for yourselves! Please click here for our supplier’s list.

We have made our addenda as transparent as possible for you. Here is our specification table of contents where you’ll find all the product inclusions and possible upgrades.

If you’d like to know more about a product, simply click the links below for each.


1.0 Preliminaries

  • Relates to Council & Engineers items. To be discussed with the Builder at a later stage.


2.0 Site Allowances


3.0 Concreter


4.0 Bricklayer


5.0 Joinery


6.0 Roof


7.0 Plasterer


8.0 Ceilings


9.0 Appliances & Hot Water Unit


10.0 Electrician


11.0 Fixing Carpenter


12.0 Cabinet Maker


13.0 Plumbing & Gas


14.0 Wall & Floor Finishes


15.0 Stairs & Balustrades (where applicable)


16.0 Glazier


17.0 Garage Door


18.0 Brick Paving


19.0 Landscaping


20.0 Fencing & Gates


21.0 Miscellaneous Items


21. Painter


Don’t worry you won’t need to have everything selected until the Builder’s colour selection meeting which is quite some time after contract signing! Any questions? Contact your friendly Wishlist Homes team here.