So you’re thinking about building a new home but like many people who want to build, you’re worried you might pay too much.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about that any longer.

At Wishlist Homes, we create your new home design & documentation, then use a private tender system which gives you the greatest flexibility when it comes to deciding on your builder and how much you’ll pay for your new home.

How much are your fees?

Our fees are structured in a way so that there’s only a very small cost to get started and the savings you make are huge in comparison.¬†If you’d like more information, please contact us.

If we use your service how much can we save?

Our past comparisons show that clients who have used our services have saved a median average of $57,494 on their building price when compared to working directly with a builder. The savings shown is after taking into consideration our fees – meaning you’re miles ahead when utilising Wishlist Homes.

What building budget do we need to work with you?

If your building budget is over $300,000 for a single storey or over $500,000 on a multi-storey and less than $2.5M then our service is perfect for you. Contact us to discuss your personal requirements and we’ll let you know how much we can save you if you choose to use our service.

What is a tender?

A tender is where multiple home builders price the same set of plans and specifications and lodge their price for the customers review.

The tender system provides full transparency with the price of building a new home – and it’s the only way you can rest assured knowing you paid a fair price on your building contract.

What about going directly to a builder?

All builders would prefer you go directly to them and avoid a tender process because if you do they no longer have to be accountable for their building price. That means bigger profit margins for them and a higher building price for you.

Is a tender really worth it?

If you choose to use a tender system, you’ll see some real advantages;

  • Builders prices will be lower than if you went to them directly
  • You’ll be able to make an informed decision about which builder you prefer to use and how much it will cost you
  • Hidden costs are removed because we provide a detailed specification – meaning no nasty surprises after you sign up

How much can prices vary?

Since we started using a private tender system in 2010, the average difference between builders quotes is 11%. However, we’ve had differences in quotes by over 30% in the past. Here’s just a small sample of past pricing;

House Type Low Price High Price Difference % Saving
Single Storey $328,440 $374,356 $45,916 12.3%
Single Storey $364,637 $417,452 $52,815 12.7%
Single Storey $370,669 $440,290 $69,621 15.8%
Single Storey $412,250 $435,346 $23,096 5.3%
Single Storey $421,124 $469,889 $48,765 10.4%
Single Storey $426,989 $453,355 $26,366 5.8%
Single Storey $473,415 $513,682 $40,267 7.8%
2 Storey $501,313 $539,952 $38,639 7.2%
2 Storey $511,081 $568,575 $57,494 10.1%
2 Storey $530,365 $582,843 $52,478 9.0%
2 Storey $536,817 $615,580 $78,763 12.8%
2 Storey $574,190 $631,075 $56,885 9.0%
2 Storey $584,000 $679,000 $95,000 14.0%
2 Storey $592,805 $651,785 $58,980 9.0%
2 Storey $757,650 $853,682 $96,032 11.2%
2 Storey $780,464 $1,058,505 $278,041 26.3%
2 Storey $918,682 $1,192,910 $274,228 23.0%
2 Storey $964,874 $1,040,288 $75,414 7.2%
2 Storey $999,139 $1,065,082 $65,943 6.2%
Single Storey $1,058,156 $1,368,688 $310,532 22.7%
3 Storey $1,328,900 $1,692,358 $363,458 21.5%

These numbers tell you the story. If you were to go directly to a builder, you’re likely over-paying for your new home. However with a private tender system working for you, you’ll choose the price that you think is fair for your new home putting you back in control with your building budget.