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Living Down Under: Home Building and Design Trends in Australia

While the Australian real estate market is diverse in many ways, there are distinct trends and patterns that are becoming popular and are slowly inspiring, dominating, and shaping the landscape of the housing industry.

A  number of new home designs, techniques, and trends continue to emerge. These trends give us a glimpse of what we can expect to see in the coming months when it comes to architecture and custom home design.

Going Green

Perhaps the most popular trend today in home building in Australia, and perhaps the world, is green building. The strong reception for this style can only be seen as logical — it helps the environment and your pocket. People are seeing the value of green building and the premium they get; add to that the value of investing in sustainable and durable green properties.

The extreme and changing climate is another reason why many Australians are taking the green initiative when building their homes. This trend is likely not to go away but even grow as people are valuing it almost as much as the architecture sectors itself.

Going Small

A number of the country’s greatest design innovations started out small. Narrow lot home designs are becoming popular because space in cities like Perth and Melbourne are becoming scarce as population continues to grow.

Australian families are going small because of high housing costs and living costs, and changing lifestyle goals. In the city, gone is the dream of building a house with a picket fence, as many are shifting towards the inner-city high rise living. Aside from the expenses, though, downsizing is becoming popular because people want to be living in the city, near everything, all while minimising their carbon footprints. In any case, designers are more flexible to providing the needs of the Australian public and in coming up with more innovative designs for small living.

Going to the Top

Going almost hand-in-hand with the trend in going small and green is the increasing interest in the rooftop as an architectural landscape. Most homes do not put much interest in their roofs, but the concept of green building and green roofing is slowly changing this. Customers and home builders are constantly thinking of better, greener ways of enhancing the roof and making it more useful. The rooftop, the attic and the upper bedrooms are an exciting new space for many home designers and builders, and this trend is only set to increase.

Overall, the real estate market in Australia is trending positively. With acclaim for this region constantly growing, Australian architects, new home designers and home builders are certainly on the housing industry map, leading the world with their excellent designs and creations.

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