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House Designs For Narrow Blocks Don’t Have To Be A Compromise

Buying a narrow or small block doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style and it may just suit your lifestyle choices.

If you’re buying a narrow or small block, chances are you’ve done so as it’s part of your lifestyle choice. For many people these days, reducing the garden size to avoid hours of maintenance time and clean up is a big plus on a smaller block.

When it comes to style, an experienced house designer can maximise the potential of the design by making great use of the available space and include unique features.


One main feature that should always be included is the clever use of an open plan living space which should extend (where possible) into outdoor areas and if views are available, balconies.

Clever placement of windows will assist with in creating the illusion of bigger living spaces and assist in making a narrow or small block feel large. We have a great ability where our brain can be tricked into thinking that the greater the distance our eye can see with unobstructed views, the larger an area is. So if you’re standing in a relatively small room but can look out over the Indian ocean, you’ll feel a sense of space. Conversely  if you’re in a large room that has dark dull wall colours and is fully enclosed you may feel a sense of confinement.

Great home designers understand these principles and will encourage spacious areas to give the illusion of space with small or narrow floor plans.


Let there be light! The impact natural lighting has will also make an enormous difference to a home. While small narrow blocks are often completed with neighbouring homes built wall to wall on the fence line there is still no reason why natural sunlight needs to be compromised – even if you are building a multi-storey home natural light can be brought in effectively on the ground floor level.

Through intelligent positioning of a light-well extending vertically through all floors of the building natural light can stream in. The position of the light-well will depend on the aspect of the block and is a significant reason why home buyers should be looking to have a custom home design for their narrow blocks.

A custom design will provide a distinct advantage over project home designs because all facets are considered, and importantly, the northern light.


Maximising storage space is also an important inclusion as additional storage by way of an outdoor garden shed is often unavailable.

There are various locations that are obvious storage areas such as beneath the stairwell or through increasing the size of the lock up garage to allow for built in cabinet storage.

Internally a storage cupboard is optimal when located on each floor level for both linen and cleaning products like vacuum cleaners and brooms.

If you thought buying a narrow block might restrict what you can do with your house design, think again. Through clever use of space and innovative thinking house designs for narrow blocks can be equal, if not better at enhancing lifestyles and a fantastic way of living.