Home design is important

Great Design Is Critical For Narrow Lots

Creating a great floor plan for a small or narrow block of land is such an important step in achieving an amazing home.

Sadly, it’s common to visit homes in Perth that really should not have been built as they are – poorly designed with little or no real guidance with the home design. This is a result because of the way the home building industry has operated in Perth for decades.

To illustrate my point, consider how many homes you’ve been in that have these common design flaws:

  • Dark rooms and hallways, even in the middle of the day
  • Air-conditioning pumping out during a relatively mild summers day
  • Similarly, heaters on in Winter when outside it’s beautiful
  • A laundry and garage walls on the northern elevations
  • Small (or no) windows on the south west side of the living areas
  • Views of parks or the ocean and river minimised due to poor room location
  • Swimming pools positioned in year-round shade of the house
  • Poorly designed hallways
  • Poor kitchen design
  • A complete lack of appropriate storage space
  • The list goes on!

The primary reason this has become a problem lies with the sales representatives that sit in the home builders display villages. We’re going to say the obvious here, ‘they are paid by the builder to make a sale on that home’. There is only one consideration they look for which is ‘will this home fit on your block?’. If it does, then they will try their best to sell you that home with little to no regard to any other factor.

They’re not interested in creating more work for themselves, they just want a sale. Unfortunately, fitting a home on a narrow block doesn’t mean it’s the ideal solution. This is why you’ll find that we are so passionate about creating custom home designs for every one of our clients. Good narrow block home designs which are designed by a dedicated new home designer (and not a salesperson – this is an important point) are critical.

Perth suburbia has thousands of inadequate home designs that are energy inefficient and result in a poor quality of lifestyle. At the end of the day, isn’t that half the reason why you’ve decided to build a new house? Because you want an improvement on where you’re living, not only with location but also with lifestyle.

Owning a home that provides a amazing retreat and lifestyle for all that live there should be the number one priority when considering any new home design. Standard display home designs often fail when being reproduced on other home sites, which is why flexibility to move to an individual custom design home is so important.

For a great home design that will suit your narrow block, contact us today and discover that for very little effort on your part, you can own an amazing home. A home that will be inviting and absolutely wonderful for not only today, but tomorrow and for years to come.

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