Home Designers Studio



Great homes always begin with discovery. Discovery of the unique landscape and topography of the surroundings and discovery of the lifestyle habits of the inhabitants. Our role is to then translate that information into a fully functioning home design that takes advantage of the natural elements and enhance the lives of the owners.

Street Appeal


When a home is listed for sale the first thing any potential buyer will look at is the front elevation. Without street appeal a home will diminish in value. Our eyes are naturally selective to proportion, materials and colour. This blend of requirements is one of our strengths and will ensure your street appeal remains for decades to come.



Room layouts, walkways and interaction between living zones plays a critical role in architecture. Spaces should be proportionate so when your furniture arrives, it takes its rightful place without feeling crowded or lost within a void. When you entertain, your living zones should flow from one to another with plenty of room to navigate.



Every home owner is unique. If you’re 6 foot you shouldn’t have to bend down to put your head under the shower. If you’re 5 foot you shouldn’t have to stand on your toes to get something out of your oven. If you’re sporting you need room for your equipment. If your kids are young they need space to explore and develop their senses. Our attention to detail in the personalisation of your home design increases your comfort levels on a daily basis.