Project Overview

This young professional couple set out to build their new home to suit their future family. Location and lifestyle were two of the most important elements with this new home.

Narrow blocks add to the difficulty of design and in this case it was important to open the home up for natural light and entertainment. During our discussions it became clear that catering for their young family was important and they intended to live in the new home for at least a decade.

That meant the functionality of the floor plan layout was very important. A nurturing environment was required for the next few years but one that could also be adapted to provide enough space, on a very narrow lot, to live comfortably without feeling closed in.

The swimming pool was a priority, both for the parents and the kids and became a centrepiece in this unique narrow home design.

Clients Wishlist

  • Modern style elevation
  • Gatehouse for added privacy and security
  • Swimming pool that was integrated well with the home
  • Ground floor for parents with a small home office
  • Galley style kitchen
  • Good sized bedrooms
  • Linen chute from upstairs
  • Kids zone upstairs and extra bedroom for added space if they ever needed it
  • Grassy area to the rear of the home for kids to play on


This wonderful design features a central courtyard that allows light to fill the front half of the home as well as the ground floor master bedroom. The pool is a centrepiece – visible through strategically placed windows filling the living area with colour and light. A touch of natural wood and stone help to create warmth to the cool façade.