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Home Building For The Future

Building a home for the future is often considered as practical, but there are a number of detractors which should also be taken into account. While we don’t recommend ignoring what others may or may not want, it’s important most of all to build what is usable and desired right now.

House Design Considerations You Must Know

Take a look at our top 5 House Design Considerations and ensure you incorporate these ideas to make your new home stand out in your street. Also be sure to avoid the list of problem areas we warn you about as they can make a fantastic home look rather ordinary. Great house designs start with great building experts, if you follow these tips you’ll come close to designing and building your dream home.

Local Government Approvals

It’s probably fair to say that when Dale Alcock stands up and announces ‘if the mad house is being run by the patients’ (or words to similar effect) during the annoucement of the proposed planning changes that there’s not a great deal of confidence going forward that we’re going to be better off both as consumers and as industry professionals…

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