Best Bedroom Designs

Best Bedroom Designs & Configurations For Building

An important consideration when you build will be your how to get the best bedroom design possible to suit your lifestyle.

Here are a few different configurations and styles that you may want to consider.

The Walk-Through Bedroom, Robe, Ensuite design



This design is very common for a few reasons.

1. It creates some separation between the ensuite and the main bedroom. That extra space can reduce noise, which is especially handy if you go to sleep or get up at different times to your partner.

2. It creates the ‘his and hers’ robe spaces. This creates some separation and when well designed using a custom robe fit-out can provide great results.

The View From The Bedroom 


When you’ve got views you definitely want to capture them. This type of layout creates a private balcony for the home owners to enjoy their idyllic location.

Outside Access From The Bedroom


This type of bedroom and house configurations allow the home owners to directly access the outdoors either by a front entrance separate to the main entry area, or to a private courtyard space or directly into their main backyard.

This is especially popular on larger blocks or when parents want to create another ‘private retreat’ area separate from the kids.

Luxurious Bedrooms


What would our gallery be without the finer things in life. A well appointed bedroom, robe and dressing area and beautiful ensuite is desired by many. It’s a reward to those home owners who want to treat themselves to some comforts.

There are a few common features in a luxurious bedroom;

1. Plenty of space in the master bedroom. This allows the owner to set up a TV opposite the bed or perhaps add a chair for some reading space in their own private retreat.

2. The ensuite is generally large and spacious enough for two to navigate easily while both are preparing to go out. A freestanding bath makes a big statement.

3. An oversized shower is also a luxury and it’s becoming more common for showers to be a ‘walk-in’ shower. These showers avoid using glass which minimises cleaning and doesn’t suffer from calcium build-up which is common for Perth. Instead, the shower area is protected by 3 tiled walls.

4. The robe areas are extra large, catering for all four seasons of clothing and plenty of shoe space. As is the trend, the Hers robe area is generally larger.

5. A make-up table is also a nice addition. This gives the owner the opportunity to sit and apply make-up rather than stand in the ensuite.