About Us

Wishlist Homes helps home buyers get better result when they build their new home.

We do this by filling a vacant service gap that sits between going to a builder directly or choosing to utilise the services of an Architect.

At Wishlist Homes, we’ve taken the best services from each to make it more accessible and even more affordable (and we think a lot more enjoyable) so that you get;

  • No-nonsense independent advice
  • A beautiful home design
  • A better builder than you could find and audit yourself
  • A fairer building price using our tender system
  • An easy way to compare pricing all done for you
  • And finally, no pushy sales people to deal with

We believe building a new home should start with a great design, adding value for the life of the home and that all new home owners should pay a fair price.

Using our proven design and tender system, our clients enjoy their custom home that has been designed to suit their location and lifestyle as well as paying less for their new home than if they went directly to a builder or an Architect.

Wishlist Homes was launched in 2010 to make sure those thinking of building their new home avoid the typical pitfalls generally associated with building a new home and home building companies.

Firstly, What is a Building Broker and what do Building Brokers do?

A building broker is a service designed to make building a new home simple. There are lots of services similar to ours that provide great benefits to clients.

Take for example a travel agent. They do the research on holiday destinations, work out a cost effective holiday program for you according to your budget then arrange everything making your life easier and your holiday a great adventure.

Or perhaps consider a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers do the research on dozens of home loans so they can show you the best deal that suits your personal financial situation.

Wishlist Homes is similar. We research and audit new home builders, create your ultimate custom home design according to your building budget then manage the tender process negotiating prices on your behalf. Ultimately we make building your new home a hassle free experience.

Like other kinds of brokers – (Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Brokers as an example) – Our fees are subsidised by the builders, making our services highly affordable with a low entry price. Because we use a tender system, each builder’s prices are transparent and extremely competitive giving you the best priced option every time.

Who’s the team behind Wishlist Homes?

Steve Fitzpatrick – Owner & Managing Director

Steve Fitzpatrick is the Owner and Managing Director of Wishlist Homes and is passionate about helping others achieve the best new home building outcome possible.

His in-depth knowledge of building companies in Perth exists through his own personal experience from the days he was a trainee scheduler in 1991 working with JCorp (now split between the Buckeridge group of companies – BGC and the JWH Group of companies). Growing in his career he spent a number of years working with Gary Brown-Neaves from Webb and Brown-Neaves on the display home program in 1997-2000. In 2004 he began working with RiverStone in the luxury home building market and prior to launching Wishlist Homes in 2010 was the General Manager of Platinum Homes from 2006-2010.

There’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty when people think of building. Making it easier to have the perfect house design and build with the ideal builder will always be our focus and it makes me proud to say our clients believe we’re doing just that. – Steve Fitzpatrick

Andrew – New Home Designer

Andrew is one of the most accomplished home designers in Australia. His passion for design is not driven by the size of the project or the cost. Even the smallest of designs is given full attention and client satisfaction is what matters in the end.

“My strong belief is that the successful outcome of design is when the final home design reflects the clients brief and the overall cost doesn’t exceed budget restraints”. – Andrew Milos

Andrew graduated from Curtain University in 1988 completing his Bachelor of Architecture degree. For 4 years after graduation he worked with 2 Architectural firms specializing mostly in commercial buildings.  In 1992 he joined Webb & Brown-Neaves (now WB Homes) initially starting in the drafting department but quickly promoted to the design team with the company.

In 2006 Andrew joined Seacrest Homes for two years before moving to the ABN Group design team developing various display concepts for all of the builders in the group (Home Buyers Centre, Celebration Homes, APG Homes, WB Homes).

His home designs have won countless awards with both the HIA and MBA.


Our Vision

Wishlist Homes is committed to providing unbiased and comprehensive services to new home seekers through researched, accurate, knowledgeable advice and partnering with only the best building operators who are proven service-centric builders that deliver quality new homes in each market segment.

Our Experience

After working for many of the top residential building companies in Perth and discussing the confusion that surrounds building with over 200 clients the Managing Director of Wishlist Homes decided it was time to provide a professional service to clients thinking of building their next home. Over 20 years of experience in home building we’ve heard lots of good and bad stories of peoples building experience.

Some stories show a lack of understanding by the client which is really a result in poor communication on behalf of the builder – a common complaint from a lot of clients. However some stories are fantastic and highlight the wonderful rewards that come from building your own home. It’s a focus on both of these outcomes that drove the Managing Director to create Wishlist Homes.

Our Passion

Our passion comes from knowing how important home ownership is and beyond that, a driving passion for everyone to experience the personal satisfaction that comes from building their own home – to their individual taste, lifestyle, location and budget.

There’s just nothing that compares with owning your own home that was built specifically for you, especially when the experience itself can be so positive.

Providing these vital services which are second-to-none regarding all facets of building, and aligning clients expectations with the builders capability to meet those expectations is the most important first step a client can take – all through our unique builder selection service.

Our Service

All of our staff are experienced and have a high level of understanding of the various aspects of new home building. We enjoy sharing our experience with others so they can make informed decisions.

We will make the building process as simple and enjoyable as possible through timely advice and a positive approach to problem solving.

We will keep you informed throughout the preliminary stages of the building process, updating you as to the progress of your new home design.

We only recommend home builders that we know are committed to building high quality homes and that have a reputation for excellence.

Our Commitment

Wishlist Homes Consultants;

  • Will remain available for consultation or advice from your initial meeting through to the day you collect your keys and move in to your new home.
  • Will act as a mediator between you and the selected builder if/when required so that a satisfactory result is always achieved.
  • Will act honestly and be fair and reasonable in everything they do.
  • Is committed to looking after your best interest at all times.

So if you’re thinking of building, speak to Wishlist Homes today for obligation free advice on how to proceed with building your dream home.