About Us

Wishlist Homes helps home buyers get better result when they build their new home.

We do this by filling a vacant service gap that sits between going to a builder directly or choosing to utilise the services of an Architect.

At Wishlist Homes, we’ve taken the best services from each to make it more accessible and even more affordable (and we think a lot more enjoyable) so that you get;

  • No-nonsense independent advice
  • A beautiful home design
  • A better builder than you could find and audit yourself
  • A fairer building price using our tender system
  • An easy way to compare pricing all done for you
  • And finally, no pushy sales people to deal with

We believe building a new home should start with a great design, adding value for the life of the home and that all new home owners should pay a fair price.

Using our proven design and tender system, our clients enjoy their custom home that has been designed to suit their location and lifestyle as well as paying less for their new home than if they went directly to a builder or an Architect.